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We are delighted to introduce the new Complex Administrator, Mindy Runnells. She began her new role at the beginning of July. Mindy comes to the Zoo with 20 years of Keeping experience from several institutions. For the last 17 years she was on the Ectotherm team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Mindy fell in love with the Big Island as a teenage tourist and then returned after college to work with forest birds in Volcano. It has been her goal to get back ever since!

In animal news, Akala, the mama sloth is under observation behind the scenes for weight loss.  She is doing well; Keepers are getting Akala’s weight back to normal before returning her to the exhibit. This has been a great opportunity for the 2 sisters, Akala’s kids, to be on exhibit together. They are bonding and getting along very well! Keepers Pictured below: Akala, Makana and Karrie.


Quite a few animal birthdays have happened over the summer and the celebrations have been a WILD success. Tanya and Linda  had made beautiful posters and the guests loved signing the cards for the animals.   In addition, Linda and Elena had made special treats for all the birthday animals which went over well with all the animals.


Iggy the turkey vulture made 39 this year.  She is followed by Max, a Catalina macaw, he turned 34 years.  These birds are the oldest zoo members.


Salsa, our double yellow headed Amazon Parrot turned 27 and the Bengal Tigers, Tzatziki and Sriracha made 7 years.


 In order above: Gandalf our brown lemur turned 30 this year.  Glory turned 17 and Mele turned 25. Both Glory and Mele are retired from the petting zoo.   Our 9 year olds this year are: Honey and Peanut,  Cookie, a hair sheep  and Spunky, a colobus monkey.


                    Come and visit soon!

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