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Make a Donation

Your donation will make a difference in the lives of our animals and our zoo by enabling us to provide the best veterinary care, support the conservation efforts of our rainforest and provide for new and maintain current enclosures for the animals.

Contribute to the 
‘Alalā Fund  

‘Alalā are the most endangered Hawaiian bird alive today. They were recently released back into the wild, but are only found in a remote forest location for now. The zoo has an opportunity to receive to ‘alalā which are past their reproduction stage and won’t be able to take care of themselves in the wild.  We ask for your help in raising $138,000 to build the aviary for these unique birds.

Sponsor a Bench

If you are looking for a unique and lasting recognition opportunity, sponsoring a bench featuring our animals in the Zoo is a great way to go. This allows you to remember loved ones, celebrate friends and family or simply show your love for the Zoo while supporting our animals. These benches are developed by Charlene Lofgreen, the benches are an excellent site for photo ops and are located throughout the zoo grounds. A sold bench will have a plaque. The purchaser is allowed to request wording in memory of a loved one or in commemoration of an event. FOZ will have a small plaque printed with limited wording in recognition of the person or event. Your wonderful gift adds to the beauty of our Zoo and offers guests a place to relax while they enjoy the rainforest zoo.

If you would like more information or to purchase a bench please email admin@hilozoo.org. Be sure to include a name and phone number for ease of response to the request.

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