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Judging Criteria

The entries will be judged according to the following criteria. Each criterion is weighted equally.

1. Creativity and Originality
There is evidence of imagination, creativity, and individuality. The result is distinctive, and the concept presented in a unique way that is imaginative and inventive.

2. Technique
The student chooses and utilizes media and tools competently to enhance the appearance of the work.

3. Organization
The use of elements and the principles of art are used effectively and selectively to enhance the overall appearance of the work.



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4. Clarity of Theme
The work combines technique, expression, and organization through artistic and critical judgment to achieve an effective interpretation of the theme.

5. Presentation
The presentation is in accordance with the style of the art piece and the theme of the competition.

Note: Judges have the right to exclude any work from consideration in the contest. The decision of the judges is final as relating to all contest matters.

Final Adjudication

All entries will be  based on the criteria listed under Judging Criteria. The final selections will be made solely on the consensus of the panel of judges.